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My private practice is located at 7 Josep Foresvi Garreta Street, on the 2nd floor, through the 4th door. The building is located between the Jaume I’s Primary Care Centre and the old Chartreuse distillery.

My specialty is in Ophthalmology with an emphasis on diagnosis and treatment.

In cases that require surgeryor testing, I rely on the following clinics depending on the technical complexity required:

  • Centre Mèdic Rambla Nova
  • Centre Oftalmològic de Reus (Clínica Fàbregas)
  • Hospital Lleuger Llevant. Xarxa Santa Tecla, in Tarragona

Centre Mèdic Rambla Nova

Currently I am also a visiting Physician at the Rambla Nova Medical Center, where I focus my activity as a Retina Specialist. I offer basic services in that specialty where I can utilize an on-site Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) and Argon laser as needed during consultation.

The center is equipped with a Procedure Unit where I perform intraocular treatment with antiangiogenic drugs for AMD (Age-related Macular Degeneration) in the best conditions of safety and hygiene.

Rambla Nova, 103, Edificio Atlántico.